About Us

Crypto Jewelry – jewelers with an eye toward the future. With our fingers firmly placed on the pulse of the markets, we are pairing the exciting new Bitcoin cryptocurrency movement with timeless jewelry that speaks to the new millennium.

Sometimes new ideas simply come to you, shiny and bright, and that is what happened for us with the creation of Crypto Jewelry. Driven by our interest in the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency, we hit upon the idea of pairing our passion for cutting-edge technology with our interest in the finer things in life such as gold and gemstones. Combining these two areas and crafting high-end jewelry seemed to be a natural process. We sought out the finest artisans to work with us and Crypto Jewelry was born, intertwining classic styles with modern technology to create elegant cutting-edge jewelry.

All our production is made in US, namely in Los Angeles, in collaboration with the famous American jeweler Peter Marco. Our team of craftsmen hand-make each piece, expertly transforming rare gems set in high-quality gold, white gold or rose gold settings into eye-catching jewelry suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. Each piece features the Bitcoin logo, subtly yet unforgettably declaring your affinity for the blockchain.

As the Bitcoin explosion continues to take over the world, its rate goes up and down, and its popularity grows, it is just as important to stand out in the crowd. You can show your passion for the future with these luxurious pieces, which will accent your style and display your vision.

Crypto Jewelry offers both men’s and women’s styles in refined pieces designed to complement any wardrobe. Tasteful rings sparkle with gems and are available in gold or white gold settings, while bracelets make bold statements as they shimmer on your arm and modern pendants swing from a wide array of the finest gold chains. Each piece is hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality of artistry with the finest gold and gemstones, and comes with a one-of-a-kind feel.

Browse through our catalog to find your perfect piece of men’s or women’s jewelry. Our collections of modern pieces are all available with options of the finest quality gold and rare gems. Hand-crafted individual pieces are ready for you to choose from, or you can contact us to discuss a large custom order if you want to share your vision.

In addition to our online presence, we have recently opened our newest showroom in a location that is as elegant as our jewelry. We are basking in the luxury and warmth of Southern California, so come and visit us in the Golden Triangle in enticing Beverly Hills. Feel the quality of our workmanship, see the glint of the gems, and experience the glamor of the newest visionary jeweler on Rodeo Drive.

At Crypto Jewelry, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Bitcoin commerce, acknowledging its place in our future and accepting it as payment today. You can declare your enthusiasm for this breakthrough in ecommerce with an elegance that complements your style and speaks to your foresight. Join us now for the Bitcoin wave of the future in jewelry.