Custom Orders for Corporate Clients

Help the members of your organization stand out by presenting your corporate or group style in a unique Crypto Jewelry design. This special feature is available exclusively for our corporate or large clients who have the desire to design and create exquisite jewelry specifically for their sizable group.

Our expert consultants will work closely with you every step of the way, from deciding what types of jewelry will best fulfill your vision to designing your creation. Working together, you can choose from our extensive selection of the highest quality gold: white, rose or yellow gold, pairing these with rare gemstones to create a design unique to your organization.

To begin, use our Contact Us page to start the process. You will be able to describe in detail your expectations for your desired product and work with a manager who will oversee the production of your original design. Within 3-5 working days, our team of designers will provide you with several design choices.

Once your design is perfected, you will give final approval of the sketch and the product will go to the jewelry factory. Each individual piece of jewelry for your order is then handcrafted with the precision and quality you expect from Crypto Jewelry. Every detail will be customized for your product, including packaging specially designed for your order.

On average, the entire process takes about 30 days and our artisans are in touch with you throughout the process, ensuring that your initial concept comes to life, reflecting your discernment and perception of the future.

Our designers and highly-trained craftsmen work diligently to create the perfect piece of custom jewelry for your organization and guarantee your satisfaction throughout the process. The members of your group will proudly wear their original creation, knowing that it reflects their fine taste in jewelry and their association with your organization.

An original Crypto Jewelry design offers the chance to craft a made-to-order, custom design to your exact specifications, reflecting your passion for the Bitcoin era and highlighting your corporate or group style. We are committed to delivering custom jewelry for your organization or group that is a true reflection of your vision.